Fixed Annuity Benefits Include:

Tax-Deferral: Clients are not required to pay income taxes on their annuity earnings when credited. Clients are only required to pay income taxes on gains they withdraw from the annuity account, putting them in control of deciding when to pay taxes.

Flexibility: Unlike 401k's or IRA's, clients with annuities may choose how and when to access their money. They can receive it as a lump sum, monthly distributions, make periodic withdrawals when needed or opt for guaranteed income payments for life. And with annuities, there are no annual contribution limits.

Safety and Security: All fixed annuities offer minimum interest rates and will never drop below this contractually guaranteed rate. Also, annuities are backed by some of the most financially secure insurance companies in the country.

No losses: One of the more popular types of fixed annuities is the Equity Indexed Annuity. The amount of interest earnings credited with these annuities is linked to the performance of a stock market index such as the S&P 500. When investing in an equity indexed annuity, clients earn interest when the index increases, but do not suffer from losses if the index declines.